Brandwire is an online platform that enables brands/agencies and individuals to submit their Brand Stories for publishing across digital media entities of Times Group. It enables media savvy brands to upload their Brand Stories on the site from where they are carried on and/or The platform ensures a guaranteed release on these sites and prevents Brand Stories from falling through the cracks or getting dropped.
  • Word limit: 800 Words
  • One Image & One Video
  • Publishing interval: 30 mins
  • Schedule Brand Story
  • Upload Brand Collateral
  • Shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ via Brandwire
Additional Image
Make the Brand Story more engaging and media rich. Use additional images to feature a slideshow with a Brand Story.
  • Add unlimited number of images per Brand Story
S. No. Publications Price Per Unit (Rs.)
1. Rs. 2,000
2. Rs. 2,000
Brand Addendum
Brand addendum enables brands to add the missing information or an erratum to an existing published Brand Story on, &
  • Word limit: 150 Words
  • One Image
  • Published interval of 30 mins
S. No. Publications Price Per Unit (Rs.)
1. Rs. 10,000
2. Rs. 10,000
Conversations are great way to drive engagement and build rapport with customers. Brandwire provides you a unique opportunity to express your opinion by posting a premium comment under a selected Brand Story published on & Brand Comments are featured right under the Brand Story and are allowed only on Brand Stories published through the Brandwire platform.
  • Get a premium spot to comment on a Brand Story
  • Comment showcased with Brand logo and Brandwire Verification
  • Purchase unlimited no. of comments
  • Word limit: 60 Words
  • Publishing interval: 30 mins
S. No. Publications Price Per Unit (Rs.)
1. Rs. 5,000
2. Rs. 5,000
Unhappy with a story published on Brandwire offers a unique feature to post your brand's opinion on articles published on and/or This feature provides "Fair Voice" to all Indian Corporates i.e. ensure that their views are carried along with editorial articles. The response is allowed on all stories filed by Timesofindia/Economictimes journalists and also by those sourced through wire services/other channels.
  • Word limit: 200 Words
  • One Image
  • Publishing interval: 30 mins
S. No. Publications Price Per Unit (Rs.)
1. Rs. 20,000
2. Rs. 20,000
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We also offer brands , the option to post custom content that includes an unlimited number of Brand Story, Brand Responses and Comments.
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CGST (5%)
Rs. 14,500
IGST (5%)
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