Ahmedabad Mirror turns 9 in style with a special feature

Ahmedabad Mirror turns 9 in style with a special feature
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On the occasion of Ahmedabad Mirror turning 9, a two-day 32 pager special edition, titled “On Cloud 9” was released. Over the years Mirror has stayed true to its promise of delivering world-class journalism every morning. While the number 9 has significant meaning of being the number of universal love, faith, navrang festival it also stands for faith and harmony. Hence on the occasion of the ninth anniversary, Ahmedabad Mirror being a true city paper decided to celebrate the Cloud 9 moments of Amdavadis.

The issue brought to the forefront some of the most interesting celebrations & victories of the city and its people. Stories of victories such as Gujarat cricket team winning its first Ranji trophy in 83 years or the Leaders of Jan Sangharsh Manch (JSM), a voluntary civil rights organization, winning the movement which regularized the jobs of 6,000 AMC sanitation workers. Stories of accomplishment such as Preeti Shroff, Dean MICA, providing opportunities to underprivileged girls to work towards a brighter future. Stories of priorities such as IAS officer Arti Kanwar’s special moment was not so much about clearing the UPSC twice but it was the birth of her child, Advitya.

 The Anniversary issue covered 40 such stories over the course of two days. In the end, it captured a wide-range of accomplishments from Amdavadis across  all walks of life and provided. 

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