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India is increasingly getting sleepless nights and the numbers paint a worrisome picture. 32% of Indians wake up feeling tired, while a whopping 48% complain of back problems and 80% feel sleepy 1-3 times during productive work hours, according to the recent Great Indian Sleep Scorecard conducted by Wakefit with over 7500 respondents across India. Recognizing this unaddressed and untapped problem, two tenacious entrepreneurs, Ankit Garg, and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda started Wakefit in March 2016.

Wakefit started its journey as an online sleep solutions startup, with a vision of democratizing sleep and making Indians sleep better. Wakefit aims at providing Indians comfortable, research-backed and affordable sleep solutions that will facilitate a wholesome and restful sleep experience. Wakefit offers a range of Orthopedic memory foam mattresses that come in various sizes, along with products such as pillows, cushions, mattress protectors and more. 

A company that was founded on the bedrock of premium quality and affordable price, Wakefit brings together the rich product expertise of Ankit Garg and the incisive business acumen of Chaitanya Ramalingegowda. Ankit Garg completed his graduation from IIT Roorkee where he specialized in chemical engineering. He worked in the new product development department at Bayer Chemicals, a German multinational corporation before embarking on his Wakefit journey. He also provided his services at the process excellence wing of Tapzo, a Sequoia Capital funded startup. Working at these companies gave him the opportunity to interact with small-scale entrepreneurs, which propelled him to pursue entrepreneurship. After gaining seven years of work experience in his domain, Garg, who occupies the position of the CEO, started Wakefit in 2016 along with his mentor, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda. Chaitanya graduated from the National Institute of Engineering in 2002, with a specialization in Computer Science. He then completed his MBA from the Indian School of Business in 2005. Before founding Wakefit with Ankit, he has been involved in mentorship and angel investment through firms such as Let'sVenture, PurpleGull Services, and NeotecHub after a stint with global management consulting firms in the US. 

With over 1000 hours of research and development to ensure global quality standards, the sleep solutions company understands the importance of a good night's sleep. It works to combine the Indian customer's needs with world-class technology to provide state-of-the-art mattresses and other bedding essentials for people across India.

In an endeavor to rationalize costs and pass on the benefit to the customer, Wakefit employs an e-commerce-only strategy to help tighten the supply chain process. The e-commerce model also facilitates the accumulation of rich customer data that aids in targeted acquisition and retention of its customers. The technological advancements, precision in quality and a deep understanding of the science of sleep ensures that the buying experience is enhanced for online customers. The affordable range of high-quality sleep products allows people from various demographics to avail the luxury and comfort of Wakefit products.

Wakefit mattresses are made with specially designed Memory Foam technology, which is manufactured at the highest purity levels. This provides comfort for customers while sleeping and a rejuvenated start when they wake up. Its unique foam takes the shape of the body and makes sure that the mattress does not lose its shape over time due to repeated usage.
Wakefit offers two different varieties of mattresses, the Memory Foam, and the Dual Comfort Mattresses.

  • Memory Foam Mattresses: These mattresses are made of high-quality foam that takes the shape of the body, ensuring a long, sound and comfortable sleep for customers. This is optimal for preventing back pain by providing optimum spine support.
  • Dual Comfort Mattresses: These mattresses are for those who want to experiment with different levels of firmness. One side is a medium firm while the other is medium soft and can be flipped around to suit the user's preferences.

Wakefit's complements it's existing product offerings with attractive enabling features which includes a 100-night free trial, 20 year warranty period, no cost EMI and doorstep delivery. With its Make in India philosophy, Wakefit manufactures and sells high-quality products, making it one of the most trusted sleep solutions companies in India. Having won over 2 lakh customers in the three years since 2016 and earning over 10,000 reviews across various platforms, Wakefit is paving the way to make India sleep better by constantly pushing quality and technology benchmarks.

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