Outsmart Cancer: TOI initiative for early detection of Cancer

Outsmart Cancer: TOI initiative for early detection of Cancer
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As a newspaper, The Times of India is committed to not only talk about the issues which affect us as a society (civic, crime, infrastructure, politics, etc.) but also issues that impact us at an individual level (education, health, social cause, etc.). Over the previous years, The Times of India has taken up initiatives like Mission Admission, Fertile conversations, Times Spark, Organ Donation, Water Positive, etc. to help readers. At the start of this new year, The Times of India plans to take up more causes, especially, in the area of health. The first one aims to help our readers outsmart a critical illness called cancer.

Unlike the common narrative on cancer which is on treatment, Outsmart Cancer opens the topic of outsmarting the disease by early detection through regular screening. According to reports, mortality rates due to cancer are four to six times higher in India than in the west due to late detection. Through the campaign, our endeavour is to create awareness around cancer screenings so that more lives can be saved by early detection

In order to spread the message of cancer screenings to all parts of the country,  a robust marketing campaign including print, TV, radio, outdoor, digital and mobile is being used. Interest patrons can pledge for cancer screening  by giving a missed call on 8448198134 or by logging onto www.outsmartcancer.in. 

Furthermore, cancer talks are being organized across colleges and corporates in 10 cities for clearing doubts and dispelling fear,. The talks are being conducted by experts from Indian Cancer Society, Life Again Foundation, CanSupport and doctors from Apollo hospitals to provide well rounded information on the topic. Speaking at one of the talks at Merchant Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata, Dr Shaikat Gupta, director of surgical oncology at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, said, "If detected early, 50% of cancer cases are curable. The problem arises once the cancer spreads to other parts of the body. Though awareness has increased over the years, it needs to seep in at every level. That is why regular check up, especially by those in the risk category, is necessary."

In addition to the cancer talks, the initiative also aims to increase citizen conscience on the topic. During the initiative, The Times of India seeks to reach out to the woman of our country to donate their minimum six inches of their hair for cancer patients at any Naturals salon in the country. The donated hair shall be used to make wigs for cancer patients and survivors.

Lastly, to string together people from all walks of life, a large 7-city mass zumabathon and walkathon is planned in February to commemorate the World Cancer day.

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