Smell these 7 things to uplift your mood

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Everybody wants to be happy, but nobody knows the key to happiness. What if we told you that it might be just under your nose? Stunned? We are not lying. As per science, there are certain smells that can uplift your mood and make you feel happier.

So if you are feeling low then smell these 7 things to improve your mood.

Next time when you are feeling low, try sniffing citrus fruits. The smell of vitamin C actually boosts energy and alertness. The lemon scent has proven significant in lowering the stress level. You can also try cleaning your house with lemon instead of chemicals.

Research indicates that the aroma of pine is often associated with winter holidays and smelling this can make you recall the happy times. Smelling pine can also make you reduce stress and can have a soothing effect. As per a study conducted by Japan's Kyoto University, strolling through a forest filled with pine can help to reduce anxiety and depression level.

Have you ever smelled sunscreen? Doesn't it remind you of sunny beaches? Sunscreen actually reminds people of beaches and vacation when they were happy than usual. This can help to uplift mood.

The fresh minty smell of peppermint leaves is widely known to elevate mood and stimulate your mind. Certain studies show that athletes who smell peppermints perform better on the field.

  • Freshly-cut grass

The smell of freshly-cut grass can also help you feel relaxed and joyful. As per the research conducted in Australia, freshly cut grass releases a chemical that reduces the stress level and calms the mind. So mow your lawn if you want to stay happier.

  • Rosemary

Mostly used in flavoring purposes, rosemary can even act as a brain booster. As per certain studies, rosemary can improve one's ability to remember complex event and task.

  • Flowers

This one is quite simple. Everybody loves to smell flowers, but do you know that smelling lavender or jasmine can help uplift your mood. Lavender is known for its soothing effect. It is even helpful in treating insomnia and depression. Even Jasmine can make you feel happier.

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