Revealed! The New Fitness Secret of Bollywood Celebs: Prettislim!

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The glamorous, Bong-Beauty, Riya Sen, known for her "Hot Bikini Body" and for her roles in blockbuster movies like Style, Jhankaar Beats, Apna Sapna Money Money, Shaadi No 1, Ragini MMS Returns & many more, believes in staying fit & healthy from inside to the out. Her social media presence continues to attract a large fan following. She is passionate about yoga & fitness and being a part of the glamour industry means that celebrities like her must maintain their fitness all-around the year. Riya Sen's upcoming movie includes Rokda, planned to release in 2019.

Recently, Riya visited the 'Prettislim Clinic' in Andheri West, Mumbai, to further improve her Fitness.

In a personal interview, Riya Sen shares her experience with Prettislim:

"I visited the Prettislim Clinic to enquire about the U-Lipo Sessions. After discussing with the clinic's doctors & dietitians, I decided to enroll for the session. I should say that the U-Lipo sessions were incredibly fabulous. It is non-invasive & very, very safe. After trying it, I can confidently say, that it has worked on me. I think, anyone who gets an opportunity or is interested in becoming fit, should come to the Prettislim Clinic & try U-Lipo. I also tried the 'Power Vibra Sessions' & it was absolutely amazing. Now, I am totally addicted to it. My personal dietician, Ms. Bhavna Dave, has now put me on this amazing and practical diet. Her sincere and genuine approach to my fitness needs ensures that I feel motivated and convinced to not cheat on my diet in any way. Bhavna is just incredible and I am now a big fan of the Prettislim Clinic."

She further added that, "U lipo is very good for any person who is busy or anyone who can only dedicate one hour of their time in a week. So if you get the opportunity, you must come to Prettislim & try the U-Lipo sessions. It is very, very effective, very safe & non-invasive. Don't wait to start your fitness journey, visit your nearest Prettislim clinic."

Riya Sen found out about the U lipo Body Shaping Treatment & Slimming Treatment, offered by the clinic through one of her friends from the industry.

Prettislim is a 14-year-old slimming clinic, run by a team of qualified doctors & dietitians. It offers Weight Loss, Body Toning, Figure Correction, Inch loss, Tummy Tuck, Spot Reduction & many other services. It has 3 centers in Mumbai at Bandra, Andheri & Kandivali. Prettislim launched 4-In-1 U-Lipo, for the first time in India, 5 years ago & since then has helped hundreds of clients including many celebrities. Prettislim has been ranked as the No.1 Bariatric and Slimming Clinic in Mumbai in 2016, by All India Lifestyle Hospital & Clinic Survey, conducted By Times of India. Prettislim Clinic has also been selected as "The Economic Times Best Healthcare Brands" in 2016 & is also "The Official Fitness Expert of Fbb Colours Femina Miss India 2017".

Prettislim is the brain child of Dr. Puneet Nayak and he believes that human body is the only place where you live in, so you can't neglect the same.

Dr. Nayak says, "In our hectic lives one should not neglect our health and fitness. Celebrities need to maintain a toned & healthy body to look slim & fit on screen. Also most of celebs have erratic & busy work schedules, which makes the job difficult. Hence, at Prettislim, we have developed the non-surgical and most advanced 4-In-1 U-Lipo Treatment, which is safe, painless and clients lose up to 8 cm in each treatment from the targeted area. Also it only needs 1 hour a week, so it perfectly fits in the schedule of busy clients, including celebs. Prettislim also has a team of experienced dietitians & physicians to cover all aspects of fitness, including diet, lifestyle, medical problems, fitness, etc. Our programs help in spot reduction, body toning, figure correction, apart from slimming & weight loss."

He further adds that, "Riya has been a very sweet & cooperative client. She was regular for the sessions & followed all the instructions given to her during the course of her program. She was always truthful & upfront about all the aspects of the slimming program. She is a well-known yoga & fitness enthusiast & we are happy to help her in her fitness journey"

He also shares about his experience with Fbb Colours Femina Miss India finalists, who were consulted & trained at Prettislim clinic, since Prettislim was the Official Fitness Expert for the event. "All the finalists were quite aware of the diet & fitness regimen. They were quite excited & participated enthusiastically in all fitness activities. We gave them tips about body composition, diet & nutrition, healthy foods & charted individual fitness plans for them. They had many questions & concerns about body weight, slimming, figure correction, body shaping, etc. which we cleared one by one. Many of them showed keen interest in U-Lipo. In fact, Miss World, Manushi Chillar, who was also a finalist at that time & later went on to become Miss India & then Miss World, herself being an aspiring doctor, was quite aware of fitness concepts. She liked the concept of U-Lipo & recommended the same. She was impressed about the aspect of no side effects of U-Lipo, as it is completely non-surgical & also it only needs 1 hour a week, which is affordable by all"

Watch Miss World Manushi Chillar Speaking about Prettislim & U-Lipo, in the below Video

Dr. Nayak concludes that "Fitness is not only needed for celebs & models, but for every individual. With the help of modern technology, it has now become easy to maintain fitness for all, even for busy bees." 

If you Need More information, You Can Call Prettislim Helpline 8080808818

Watch Riya Sen Talking about her Experience At Prettislim Clinic

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