A Good Diet Can Improve Male Fertility

A Good Diet Can Improve Male Fertility

The kind of diet you consume plays a vital role when you are trying to conceive. Inappropriate and unbalanced dietary habits coupled with other factors are some of the chief causes of reduced fertility in the modern man. It is important to note that what you consume has a direct impact on sperm quantity and quality. In fact, in today's stress-loaded world, studies have found that about half of fertility problems are due to male factor infertility. An intake of a healthy, well-balanced diet, ensures good nutrition to the sperm, improves sperm quality and hence increases your fertility. Moreover, a healthy sperm is the most crucial aspect for male fertility. If all that you are trying, is to conceive, you can enhance the quality of your sperm by picking the right kinds of edibles. Dr Rajalaxmi Walavalkar, Consultant, IVF and Reproductive Surgery at Cocoon Fertility Pvt Ltd, jots down do's of diet to enhance male fertility.

Here's a handy guide that will explain to you about fertility foods that work best for men that must be effectively included in your daily diet to boost fertility.

Fuel Up on Vitamin D

Men having a deficiency of Vitamin D have lower motility of sperm as compared to men who have satisfactory amounts of this vitamin present in their bodies. Vitamin D supplements increase motility of sperm. An excellent source of Vitamin D is the morning sunlight and dietary sources are foods like egg yolks, red meat and oily fish. In today's day and age, diet may often not satisfy the requirement and hence we do prescribe Vitamin D supplements when needed.

Incorporate Selenium in Your Daily Diet

Selenium has a vital role to play when it comes to boosting sperm quality  and hence majorly aids in resolving infertility problems. Consumption of selenium in amalgamation with Vitamin E encourages not only sperm movement but also its morphology. Foods loaded with selenium are fish, meat, eggs, nuts and seeds, especially Brazilian nuts.

Do Include Zinc-rich foods

A zinc-rich diet is very essential for conception, both in men and women. By including zinc to your diet, one can expect improvement to their sperm count, sperm motility and thus the likelihood of conception.  You can get satisfactory amounts of zinc from all kinds of dairy products, shellfish and meats.

Folic acid is a Must - Eat Lentils 

Deficiency of folic acid, makes one incapable of producing healthy sperms. Hence, to boost the quality of your sperms, you should ensure that you include food items that are loaded with folic acid such as, green leafy vegetables, legumes, eggs, sprouts to name a few. Lentils are a rich source of natural folic acid or folate and improve fertility in both men and women. Men who follow a vegetarian diet can get plenty of folate from lentils. Good dietary folate intake also helps reduce chromosomal abnormalities in your sperms. 

Follow a Diet Rich in Vitamin C

This is a very beneficial component in removing sperm deficiencies. Apart from that, it is exceptional in increasing the motility of the sperms. Drinking a glass of orange juice every day is a great way of incorporating Vitamin C in your diet. Citrus fruits, Goji berries, strawberries, guavas are all rich in Vitamin C.

Like Tomatoes - Go for Them

A rich source of lycopene, tomatoes have amazing advantages in refining male productiveness. This antioxidant that is present in tomatoes is very helpful in recovering sperm motility, shape and structure. Hence adding tomatoes to your curries or enjoying a fresh tomato salad, can be very good for men trying for a baby.

Walnuts can do wonders

These nuts improve all sperm parameters viz. sperm motility, shape, strength and liveliness. Walnuts are rich in omega three fatty acids. Consuming walnuts on a daily basis is very beneficial for your health, these can also be added to deserts or to your salads.

Protein Power

Proteins are the building blocks of life. A protein rich diet will improve cell quality and cell life of all the cells in the body. Regular class 1 protein intake - eggs, fish, chicken improve sperm motility, count and reduce abnormal sperm forms. Vegetarians can get milk proteins - casein or whey from health shops to make up the protein requirement.

Drink Plenty -- Of Water 

Drinking enough water is not only significant for a healthy body, but it also plays a helpful role in upholding good sperm motility. Semen chiefly includes water. Drinking less water and being dehydrated means that the semen will get thicker and sperm will not be able to effectively swim. 

A good and healthy diet will undoubtedly help you in conception.

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