5 things to do as a summer wedding guest

5 things to do as a summer wedding guest
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After Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry, its time to welcome 'Veere di wedding.' 

The royal wedding saw the shutterbugs busy clicking the guests as much as the wedding couple. 

So here's a question to those attending weddings; 

Are you going to make an appearance as a happily married couple?  

Or are you invited to a wedding, but yet to tie the knot yourself? 

Why not use this opportunity to be at your radiant best?

Here's how both men and women can put their best foot and face forward and keep their eyes open for potential soulmates.

Dress for the summer:  Don't cover yourself up as if for the winters. Remember how Meghan Markle showed off her perfect shoulders at her wedding? Off-shoulder blouses, toned arms, a well-exercised waist, a peek of the leg are all perfectly admissible in Indian weddings too and make the most of it. Ensure your laser hair removal and laser skin rejuvenation is done before you attempt this.

Let the skin glow:  This one is for the boys as well as the girls. Get a laser facial done! It's a no-brainer. It takes care of many skin problems, including dullness and discolouration, spots as well as fine lines. And the summer sun hides nothing - so don't compromise on this.

Go get that filler: 36 and still looking for the right guy? We understand that it's a difficult choice to make. So go out and get that filler for your hardworking under-eyes and volumes on your cheeks. It's non-invasive and instantly makes you look a lot less tired and a lot more interesting. Results last for almost 1 to 1.5 years and you will appreciate the difference it makes.

A mop full of hair: 36 and never asked the right girl because you were too shy of your balding hair? Stop blaming yourself. Genetics plays a major role in hair loss, with studies indicating that almost 80% of balding is genetic. In the past, the only options were to wear toupees and wigs. However, technology has come to our rescue and today, Dr.Tvacha  has treated over 50,000 men, for a hair loss. There are 2 treatments; one is a natural hair improvement treatment using peptides, bio-enzymes and conditioned medium and second is a hair transplant. In fact, hair treatments have advanced to a point where it can actually be affordable to most and the treatments are painless.

Get yourself the chiselled look: Riddled with a broad jaw? Have you tried the masseter botox? Excessively sagging skin? Have you tried the intragen laser facial contouring which is perfectly non-invasive. What are you waiting for?

The point really is that if you want to indulge yourself, the best of laser treatments in India are now available at affordable prices at clinics like Dr.Tvacha.

Why should wedding guests be far behind?

Dr. Tvacha is India's no. 1 laser technology clinic for skin and hair treatments.

For further details call on 022-7123 7000 or send an e-mail to info@drtvacha.com


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