Eight Reasons That Stop People Investing in Mutual Funds

Eight Reasons That Stop People Investing in Mutual Funds

New Delhi, 22 September 2017: With the coming of the millennial generation and the want for more fast paced growth, mutual funds are starting to become the investment instrument of choice. They provide far more flexibility and benefit as compared to their more conventional counterparts like PPFs. But even though mutual funds have become very popular among investors, people are still faced with dilemmas. In its 25 September 2017 issue, ET Wealth solves 8 of the biggest dilemmas that investors face while picking mutual funds.

The edition conversely also conducts an analysis on the potential cut in PPF rates due to low bond yields. This is followed by an interesting debate on whether agricultural income should be taxed. ET Wealth presents both sides of this debate against the backdrop of farmer loan waivers and defaults.

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