Numero Uno endorses boldness with its DEN I'M campaign

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Numero Uno, India’s first indigenously manufactured denim brand, has taken influential steps to ace the ‘I Am Who I Am, Unapologetically’ campaign wherein boldness and expressiveness is celebrated. The think-tanks of the leading apparel brand claim that denims itself manifest prodigious amount of courage and progression which makes ‘IM’ i.e. ‘I’m’ an inextricable element of Denims.

Numero Uno advocates the notion that the most remarkable feature of denims is that they possess a unique value for each person. A denim might symbolise confidence and independence for one, whereas it may symbolise vogue with comfort for the other. Numero Uno aspires to accord the fearlessness to everyone who is scuffling with their own feelings and desires in their minds. The very captivating DEN I’M campaign led by the brand stimulates each such suppressor to become dauntless and rebel to bring a change in the disturbing and muddled status quo.

As a plan of action for realising its objectives of an activated and self-satisfied youth who lives on the basis of individualistic ideologies rather than on societal dictations, Numero Uno has brought a wide range of denim trends which are a fusion of international trends, innovative fabrics, effortless washing techniques at accessible prices. With 400-500 new styles in a span of every 3 months paves the way for wider participation in the campaign.

It is a settled fact that with modern dynamics and enlarging wants, the ordinary denims would not do justice to the enormous latent strength and passion scuttling inside people. Extraordinary and distinctive designs like scribbled embroidery, feminist art, upcycling, etc. are the needs of the hour in order to release the concealed personality of human beings out of the shackles of the society, to finally let them be themselves. 

The competitive advantage offered by NU is its focus on the perfect fit for each body type with immensely cost-effective pricing so that the benefits accruing from the  DEN I’M campaign can be accessed by a major segment of the society, especially the youth.

Numero Uno intends to constantly cheer the people who wish to stand apart from the crowd by creating a distinct identity of themselves. As a medium to such accomplishment, the extensive range of denim trends offered by NU shall certainly urge all the youth and middle-ages to confront and combat all the challenges in life to attain what is actually entitled to them.

The DEN I’M campaign envisages the adoration of the essence of individuality while paying no regard to social expectations or dictations as a means to living life boldly on one’s own terms and conditions. 

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