The Times of India taps into Emojis for Valentine's Day with #CodeLove

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The Times of India taps into Emojis for Valentine's Day with #CodeLove

Emojis have become a way of life. Communication through signs, icons and pictures is hardly new across different cultures. Hieroglyphics to Emoji-glyphics, it has always been interesting and intriguing to express oneself through pictures. And, when it comes to expressing love, the youth struggles to find the right words to confess their emotions. Love is more about blushes, winks and going googly eyes, right? Emojis make speaking mush much more cute and easier with the much-needed tinge of mystery. Taking a leaf from the young people’s undying love for the emojis, The Times of India is celebrating #CodeLove across all its youth centric supplements like Bombay Times, Delhi Times, Chennai Times, Bangalore Times,  Ahmedabad Times, Calcutta Times, Hyderabad Times and Pune Times.  

#CodeLove has been designed as an interactive campaign to celebrate the power of emojis in life of youth. Everything around love including love stories, movies, songs and dialogues will be decoded in emojis. As a fun interactive campaign, #CodeLove will have series of quizzes, puzzles, articles, blogs and vlogs that will test the power of emojis to express oneself.  

The campaign has a mix of editorial content and interactive user-generated gifs and pictures. Across multiple city editions, the publication shall reinterpret emergent love themes in the times of emoji viz. online dating themes, the gifting ideas, romance in the age of “instant”, long distance relationships etc. The attempt is also to recreate the iconic movie scenes in a language of emoji. The campaign also reimagines celebrity love stories in emojis and allows audience to participate with their own versions of their love stories. 

Youth have already replaced their Qwerty keys with Emoji keys. Who knows, there might be a book soon with emojis as the script! Till then, be a part of #CodeLove, and wish your loved ones. Tweet to us at @BombayTimes using #CodeLove, and you might win more than just hearts.

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