STEM can give your child's career a boost. Here's how

STEM can give your child's career a boost. Here's how
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Science and technology are known to be the pillars of development and are crucial for building a smarter, more self-sufficient and aware society. The aspects of Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics lay the foundation of a more evolved tomorrow. This is the main reason why STEM has been gaining more and more popularity in the recent times. It is crucial for children to turn towards the world of science and innovation and this can only be done by educating our kids about these concepts. 

Kids begin to explore, observe and interact long before they begin high school and sometimes even elementary school. STEM has therefore proven to be a tried and tested academic discipline that delivers astounding results every single time. From the innovation of the 3D printer to major breakthroughs at NASA, STEM research has done it all. While it has been established that STEM can give every child's career a boost, there are still questions on how to integrate these concepts early on. Here is your guide to trigger your child's STEM learning right from a young age. 

The right age to begin STEM 

It is extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact age when a child should begin STEM learning. However, there is a simple way to start early. The most essential requisite to study STEM is curiosity. This can be recognized and boosted in babies very easily. If your baby enjoys exploring new places, whether it is the dark spaces under tables and desks or the touch-sensitive devices in your house, it is clear that their level of curiosity is high. Applauding and uplifting this curiosity in your child and pushing the explorer in them can begin even in toddlers.  

Questioning the system

Young kids have a knack for being inquisitive about everything and anything. Encouraging this habit in your kids is the key to increase their interest in how things work and thereby in STEM. The best way to foster this inquisitiveness is by being quick with your answers and having more conversations with your kids. Whether it is something seemingly senseless like, "why is the sky blue," or the more complex, "why are people poor/homeless," you should appreciate these questions as they will allow your child to think more. 

Begin at home

Increasing your child's curiosity is the first step towards driving their learning side. However, parents need to do more than just having a conversation or addressing the swamp of their questions. Learning about STEM can begin at home if we take the right steps. Taking up unique learning experiments at home can help in increasing the child's curiosity and thereby begin their STEM learning. There are various hobbies like growing a fruit/ vegetable/herb garden at home, playing with blocks or even building forts that increase the budding curiosity in a child.

Connect with nature

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs coming with a long line of challenges that need to be tackled. One of the biggest challenges has to be letting the children explore the real world. It is terrifying but absolutely necessary to understand a child's likings and inclinations. Several pieces of research have confirmed that early education helps drive the best results. Taking your kid out on a nature walk will easily show you which part of the real world drives his/her interest and will thereby help you focus on those areas better. So it becomes extremely essential to allow your children to connect with nature and discover their interests. 

Be a STEM guide

While academics and teachers go a long way in educating children, parents have always been the torchbearers. Since the learning of crucial topics begins at a much younger age, it is extremely important for every parent to become a STEM guide, inculcating STEM learning in their kids. STEM is not just a tool or a kit but a way of life and every parent plays a crucial role in instilling these learning techniques. 

STEM learning needs to begin at a very early stage for it to drive the best results. There are numerous simple steps that will ensure that kids are eager to learn these disciplines. But the most important aspect of this technique is for parents to recognize the areas of interest for their kids and make sure that they nourish these interests and help their children build aspiring careers in STEM. 

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