Monash International Pathway: A bridge to an overseas UG degree

Monash International Pathway: A bridge to an overseas UG degree

A study abroad experience offers a lot more than world class education and better opportunities. Diversity in its true sense, a unique perspective to the world, global jobs and of course, the beauty and culture the world has to offer are a few things that Indian students studying and staying abroad look forward to. The aspiration to become a truly global citizen is something that only a certain number of years of staying and experiencing life in other countries can fulfil.

International education has come a long long way from being the fascination of the rich to becoming the necessity of those who wish to live, rather than just stay alive. Imagine this, Dave Greiner who is co-founder of Campaign Monitor, a global marketing technology firm surfs during his free time and is among Australia's top-100 millionaires. And oh, he's also in his 30s.

Whether it be people who have been integral to India's Independence, such as Mohandas Karamchand 'Mahatma' Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru, or people who have built companies in India such as Ratan Tata or Anil Dhirubhai Ambani, or even heads of global firms like PepsiCo's erstwhile CEO, Indra Nooyi or Google's Sundar Pichai or Microsoft's Satya Nadella, Indians abroad have changed the way the world thinks. They have brought Google Search to your phones and Independence to our nation. The doors to such opportunities are today being opened by several, but the flag bearers are folk like Monash College, who have associated with TimesPro, the education arm of the legacy Times Group to bring their pioneering International Pathway program to India.

Monash College is an Australian, nay global leader in pre-university education. For the last two decades, they have helped equip the next generation of global professionals conquer great heights. Owned by Monash University, Australia's largest university, the college lives up to the name it bears of Sir John Monash, a commander of the First World War.

With accolades ranging from those for Leadership Training to Business Management to Catalysing the Blackboard, Monash College has associations with leading education institutes across India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka among other countries. The International Pathway program is Monash's and TimesPro's joint endeavour to ensure that India too produces world-class professionals with a global perspective.

The International Pathway program provides for advantages such as a guaranteed entry into the second year of Monash University, being educated on first year university subjects whilst in the comfort of your home environ, graduating at the same time as any other student, but having spent the first year in India, thereby allowing for a smoother transition from India to Australia.

The program therefore guarantees that you graduate from an institution that among the top 50 globally in Business and Management, Accounting & Finance, Economics & Econometrics, and Statistics, putting you en route to becoming the next Sheryl Sandberg or Warren Buffet! 

To know more about the program visit call 9873251786

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