Fintech: A Land of Opportunities - Masterclass by IE Business School

Fintech: A Land of Opportunities - Masterclass by IE Business School
Attend IE Fintech Exclusive Masterclass in Mumbai and Delhi

Attend exclusive Masterclass by IE Business School Fintech Professor, Pablo Soler in Mumbai and Delhi 

Facilitated by evolving new technologies, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, cloud, mobile networks or even IoT (Internet of Things), new and often revolutionary business models are appearing in finance, an industry that is mostly data driven based and currently has lower than ever barriers to entry.

"Billions of VC and PE dollars are being poured into startups worldwide, creating tens of thousands of new jobs, while incumbents downsize or try to develop new capabilities through acquisitions or alliances, or by developing and supporting accelerators and incubators, in a thriving, rich and complex business ecosystem. Market conditions and financial and economic systems in India, China and other Asian countries, make the opportunities for disruption and new business models in finance even greater." says Pablo Soler, Fintech mentor for the international accelerator, Startup Bootcamp and professor at IE Business School.

IE Business School has consistently been ranked among the best business schools in the world according to the Financial Times rankings. IE is a top world reputed institution based in Madrid (Spain). Our Master programs are designed to meet the needs of students with different levels of professional experience, going from undergraduates to senior executive profiles. Among our Master programs, you can find MBA programs (full time, part-time and blended), young professional MBAs such as the Master in Management, Masters in Finance and specialized Master programs.

Every year, IE receives applications from all over the world from students with different and academic profiles; therefore, many nationalities are represented in every class, providing added value to this highly reputable institution. This gives students the opportunity to progress in their professional careers as they can expand their network with the different clubs and activities that IE promotes and offers on its Campus.

The two finance events that we are organizing in India this month are good opportunities to learn about our Masters in Finance programs. According to Financial Times, the Masters in Finance programs maintained its position in the top 5 since 2012. These programs take a detailed and disciplined look at the tools, techniques, theoretical know-how, and practical focus that make it possible to put these functions into practice. The experience is enhanced by additional studies and tools that assist decision-making in areas directly or indirectly affected by the financial manager's actions.

These Master programs employ a highly practical approach; students can expect to not only gain theoretical knowledge but also learn how to apply it to today's financial markets, demonstrating their ability to use their skills to generate profit. They may also be required to select investment opportunities for private equity firms, analyze these opportunities, value them, and present a finance plan to the faculty and to a real private equity investor.

All of our Masters in Finance programs cover up-to-the-minute knowledge in key areas of finance that now play a critical role in the finance world, such as: risk governance; capital markets; current global economic issues; fintech, financial entrepreneurship; and how to invest in current markets using a market simulation. Furthermore, our full-time students can specialize in different areas of finance through a pool of 57 different electives, unlike other Masters in Finance programs. On the other hand, this year we have included a specialization in Fintech because it is one of the new trends of finance and it is what the market demands to the professionals who seek to pursue a finance career. The Master programs also equip students with the practical business skills they will need in order to succeed as a financier, including presentation and negotiation skills.

In our Masterclasses in Mumbai on Jan 15th 2018 and Delhi on Jan 16th 2018, we will explore some global Fintech trends, from three main points of view: technology, "smart" investment, and career opportunities.

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