Diversity: Is FORE School of Management, New Delhi curving an exceptional experience for the future managers of the country?

With over 360 students collectively highlighting more than 21 backgrounds ranging from sports and culture to education, gender and geography, FORE School of Management, New Delhi have been making it a point to help PGDM students gain from a richly diverse environment- both within and outside its classrooms. How?

The FORE classroom is an interesting experience in itself. While few students bring with them degrees such as B.Sc. (Physics), B.A. English Literature (Hons.), Mass Communication, Statistics (Hons.), Botany (Hons.), and Chemistry (Hons.), few are national level achievers in sports or have even traversed the length of the country to join the PGDM program at the B-school. This emphasis on diversity is helping the B-school gradually build an exceptional intellectual ecosystem for the young aspiring managers of the country. 

Geethu K S, PGDM, Class 2017-19 arrived all the way from Kerala to the capital city to pursue her management education. In her words, ‘what delights me the most is the tremendous enthusiasm with which we celebrate festivals on campus. Be it Onam or Diwali, everyone comes together to complete the experience and make it an astounding one.”

On a similar note, Vanshaj Singh, PGDM, Class 2017-19, believes that his background in Mass Communication gives him an extra edge in the management courses. “I bring my creative skills and knowledge around the world of media and communication in the group assignments that are given to pull together in teams here. This helps my peers see things from a different perspective altogether,” states Vanshaj.

Aditya Kumar of PGDM Class 2017-19 is a disciplined and patient man. He was working as a Hotel Management professional prior to joining FORE’s PGDM. Aditya’s work-ex has taught him the importance of grit, punctuality and hard work and this young man brings these values inside the FORE classroom along with him. “A healthy, positive attitude is infectious and I strongly believe I get to contribute in big-small ways in the lives of my peers,” mentions Aditya smilingly.

Rohan Mamtani, PGDM, Class 2017-19, add more to this. The Telecom Engineer with 4 years of work experience with Ericson and Huawei says his experience helps him bring an industry perspective to the classroom.

Kiran Kumar, PGDM, Class 2017-19, from Tamil Nadu says “Delhi and Tamil Nadu are very different culturally in terms of food, lifestyle, and language. But when I started doing things like my friends, I realised the magic that lies in inclusion. My friends also learned my way of doing things and amidst all this heterogeneity, life seemed so much more meaningful and fun.”

While students come to FORE to learn and contribute in their own unique ways, the B-school also ensures students’ overall, inclusive growth in every way possible. FORE encourages students to stay fit physically as well as cognitively.  Sports dominate a major space in the heart of each FORE-in. With best-in-class facilities, including basketball and badminton courts, students get to pursue their passion alongside academics. In addition, students get the opportunity to play outdoor sports like cricket and football on partner grounds. The national and state level student players at FORE further adds to this spirit. 

Dancing, drama, singing, and playing musical instruments, among other activities are also immensely integral to FORE School of Management’s cultural milieu. 

Professor Anil Kumar Singh, Executive Chair, Admissions, shares, ‘Focusing only on academics, we can prepare our students for specific job roles or dedicated positions in highly reputed organizations. That is not our goal. As a premier B-school, we believe that education should get students ready for a specific job as well as prepare them for a lifetime. So, at FORE, we focus on the holistic growth of our students. We make it mandatory for each student to join student clubs based on their areas of interest.’

So when students from different backgrounds and with varied experiences come together at FORE, it is more than just knowledge sharing on a robust platform. It is an exchange of ideas, opinions, ideologies, perspectives, and much more. Students at FORE gain knowledge, develop skills and grow. They get exposed to a range of cultural influences. They learn to respect and value diversity and difference with grace and confidence.

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