Decision Science - Adding a cutting-edge to careers

Decision Science - Adding a cutting-edge to careers

Hitesh, 32, was flourishing in his career as a portfolio manager with a large financial and stock broking advisory. He was adept at crunching numbers and was one of the brightest career prospects at the firm where he joined as a trainee. An analytical bent of mind and passion for equities and derivatives saw him ascend the corporate ladder in no time.

A couple of years ago, his management decided to try Algo trading for their clients. Algorithmic trading is a form of software-based trading carried out by complex algorithms embedded into the system. This software-based trading takes buy or sell decisions in real time during trading hours, based on historical data and parameters pre-programmed.

Gradually the algorithm platform began outperforming humans at work. Clients were happy with the handsome returns and so was the management. Hitesh, who was losing his shine, took this opportunity to update his skills and learn more about Decision Science. He soon got familiar with Algorithmic trading and Artificial Intelligence to regain his lost edge and empower himself with the modern science of decision making using Big Data.

Today rapid advancement in technology has brought AI or Artificial Intelligence to the fore. AI is finding applications in not just the BFSI industry but sales, IT, ecommerce, telecom, transportation and more. Smart professionals such as Hitesh who are adapting to it are soaring higher in their careers while those who are still undecided are seeing a downtrend in their careers.

Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

Rated as the 'Sexiest Job of the 21st century' by Harvard Business Review, Data Science or Decision Science has got a sweeping influence across industries. Sifting through voluminous data, it can lead to valuable insights that can increase sales, detect frauds pertaining to anti-money laundering, pattern recognition and risk mitigation in various domains. 

Next Boom in private sector

The Analytics India Report 2017 underlines Decision Science as the next sunrise sector. While revenue from Analytics is pegged at USD 2 billion in the financial year 2017 the start-up funding alone has crossed over USD 700 million in the last 2.5 years. India employs just 90,000 Analytics professionals in 600 various Analytics firms today.

Shortfall of professionals

Yet Decision Science has been efficiently harnessed by just a few corporations in India. Many of them admit a dearth of highly skilled professionals as it requires a combination of scientific background and computational and analytical skills. No doubt these professionals are commanding huge salaries.

What aspirants need is a holistic program that addresses these concerns and understands the specific requirements to upskill in this respect.

TimesPro Decision Science programs

TimesPro, a part of Times Professional Learning, offers three programs - Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Advance Data Sciences and Certificate in Advance Decision Science to explore Decision Science as a career through a combination of basic and advanced level courses for students at different levels of understanding and growth in their careers. From the industry's perspective these Decision Science programs have been designed keeping in mind the rapidly changing demands and requirements of the industry.

These comprehensive programs are divided into modules, with special focus on all important aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, Internet of Things, Deep Learning and Machine Learning.

Program USPs

This program is unique from the industry perspective as it lets you learn on updated technology platforms from world-class faculty and experienced industry leaders. It offers an optimum mix of concepts, tools and techniques, association with world-renowned technology partner NVDIA, placement assistance, case-study led problem solving for Retail, BFSI, HR and Healthcare among others which culminates in Capstone Projects.


Working professionals from middle and senior level management, with a minimum experience of 2 years, who possess an analytical bent of mind, and a Bachelor's or a Master's degree in Science/ Engineering/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Economics may apply for this rigorous program spread over 380 hours.   

Collaborating with NVIDIA
Times Professional Learning (TPL), which is a division of BCCL or Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited is committed towards fulfilling aspirations of millions of learners through learner-centric innovations & global collaborations.

As an integral part of this Decision Science program, TPL has entered into a strategic collaboration with NVIDIA, a $6.9 billion in revenue and a market capitalisation of $84 billion. It offers hands-on training for developers, data scientists, and researchers looking to solve the world's most challenging problems with deep learning through self-paced online labs and instructor-led workshops.

TimesPro truly unlocks the immense potential that these programs in Decision Science hold. It is nevertheless a great opportunity for professionals looking to upskill and reinvent their careers.

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