B- School from New Delhi: A thriving ground for the growth-oriented mind

B- School from New Delhi: A thriving ground for the growth-oriented mind
FORE School of Management

"I still remember the evening I made up my mind to study at FORE School of Management, New Delhi vividly. That one evening changed the course of my life and I can't even begin to put a tangible value on what FSM has given me in the last two years.

I had a brief idea that it would be tough, but the challenges sculpted a new me; a person who is far more professionally and socially responsible than the business administration graduate who embraced FSM as the guide and mentor two years back.

Making it to the top Institute had never been a challenge for me but making it to an Institute that didn't just offer education within the classroom walls but comprehensive corporate exposure and consistent industry interaction is what I had in mind when I applied to FSM for my PG education in Marketing. I received a better bargain and must say that my journey at FSM was indeed an unpredictably educating, inspiring and challenging one. There was not a single moment when I didn't feel driven. Some early morning sessions proved to be more grueling than others, but I found the all-nighters quite relieving. Throughout these two years, my sole motivation was to hone my marketing skills and earn maximum exposure to contemporary industry marketing practices along with the theoretical knowledge" says Shaina Sharma, a second year student, and FORE Connect member.

What added to my journey was the action I witnessed as part of the dynamic student committees. I had zero idea that getting sponsorships, planning and executing new events; getting budget approval would occupy so much space behind the scenes. Of course, I will always remember how impressing the committee heads was harder than making it to FSM but as I pen my experience with my placement letter in my bag, I have to say that all my early morning alarms and all-nighters were worth the pain.

"Being part of team Nexus's annual event - Genesis, I was given the responsibility of planning, coordinating and implementing the ideas at the annual fest - Genesis and to bring sponsorship for the fest. This whole event taught me to take ownership and responsibility of the event and to complete it effectively and efficiently. Being a member of Team Nexus and having the opportunity to lead this team is by far the best experience I've had in the past year and a half. The whole experience has given me a window to reflect and discover my true self" shares Zaki Zamrood, a senior member of team Nexus.

"Becoming a part of the team FORE CONNECT will always be one of the best milestones of my MBA journey. Working with such an amazing team and being the glue between the college and the aspirants by actually becoming the "Face of FORE" has helped me grow as a person altogether" says Akshada, an FC member.  She understood the knitty gritties of PR and art of handling it effectively with the importance of PR and social media in the current environment.

FSM has several student committees that give students like me the privilege of choice. Based on where one's interest lies; a student can pursue any committee and actively participate to earn the practical exposure. While Anushka Agarwal applied to several communities, she had her heart set on the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and thanks to the heart, brain, and soul she had put into the selection process, she got selected.

The core ideas that the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development at FSM focuses on are innovation and perseverance as it's indeed tough for young, energetic and entrepreneurial minds to make it big in a market that's overrun by monotony and a severe lack of innovation.

Learning Social Responsibility at FSM

My friends, Saloni and Abhiraj decided to pursue business and marketing studies because they always wanted to bring about a change with innovation, technology, and social responsibility. Antar and Centre for Sustainable Development - the social committees at FSM have numerous tie-ups with NGOs and other organizations that work to bring a social change. Being part of this committee helped both of them to get an in-depth understanding of how the corporate sector, innovative entrepreneurship, and marketing can facilitate consistent growth of the society and open portals for a brighter future.

While sharing his experience Aditya Kumar member of Corporate Interaction Division (CID) says "Playing a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the corporates and the Institute, our work leads us to the right people, connections and networks.

Acting as a linking bridge between the past and the present, FORE Alumni Network (FAN) endeavors to build a better future. It connects a community of more than 5000 strong FORE family present across global and other divides.

Providing a platform for the alumni to communicate and network with the faculty members, students, and the management, FAN thereby enhances the educational experience at the institute and also promotes the brand FORE in the business world environment. Various events like annual Alumni re-union JUBILATE, Rendezvous, Panchtatva, and a Sports event are conducted throughout the year shares Utkarsh Vidyarthi from Team FAN.

"The students' council activities form an integral part of the management learning at FORE School of Management and are independently driven by the students. Students are encouraged to enhance their managerial, leadership and thinking skills by organizing a series of innovative events throughout the year. This aims at giving them the real-time experience of interacting with the corporate world, working in teams, planning and coordinating budgets, managing events and nurturing decision-making skills" says Prof. Basant K. Potnuru, Chair (Students Affairs).

According to him the seminar course activities of the Student Affairs/Council is another key element for students in acquiring skills and knowledge that are not taught or covered in the regular curriculum. This is carefully designed to provide a platform to students with the objectives:  a) to understand and form an opinion on the latest changes and issues in business, economy, and society; b) to interact with corporates to understand and bridge the gap between classroom learning and corporate practice; c) to enhance knowledge and confidence on various issues of relevance to face activities like GD and PIs; and d) to improve and practice skills learned.

FSM is a thriving ground for a growth-oriented mind that's keen on pushing its own boundaries and accepting the management and business challenge. The session was grueling and the early morning classes taught us the beauty of appreciating 10-minute naps in between breaks. As we officially leave the FSM premises, we proudly want to say that we made the best decision of our lives by letting FSM pave a new, inspiring career path for us. Now that we have acquired a taste for the intense corporate climate, we are up for the challenge and ready to take on the professional life with fresh entrepreneurial ideas. We are FOREians!

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