Aham Learners win accolades in World Robotics Competition

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The International Youth Robot Competition, better known as IYRC was held in November, 2018 in Thailand. It is one of the largest Robotics competitions in the world. As an event for science and technology, it is an educational experience that brings young minds from all over the world together. It encourages their creative thinking and problem solving skills; offers a platform for science experiments and social activities. Leap Robots is an R&D company, which offers efficient & affordable Robotics & IOT solutions.

Among 1500 participants from 23 countries, 3 students from Aham Learning Hub have performed exceedingly well. Two students, Gautam and Bharat were part of the 4-member team and stood 2nd in creative designing.

Gautam Veerapaneni has been a home scholar with Aham Learning Hub for the last 1 year and he wanted to pursue Robotics apart from mainstream schooling subjects. He is currently preparing to appear in the 10th board exams, IGCSE curriculum as a private candidate. Being a student above par and through Aham's support, Gautam has been able to devote ample time to IYRC and prepare rigorously for his boards. Gautam said "Aham's Homeschooling helped me remove distractions and focus on in-depth learning for any chosen subjects". He wants to be a Mechanical Engineer in future.

Bharat Teja Verma Kalidindi is a student from Indus International School and is enrolled in our after-school program for additional help in academics.

Another bright mind from Aham is Ridhima Chukkapalli who has won the 8th position in Recycling and 5th in Group Robotic dance. She is specifically learning about Leap Robotics from Aham Learning Hub. She is in class V and wants to choose space research in future. 

On this proud moment of her son, Priya - Gautam's Mother said, "Last summer we tried homeschooling for our older son Gautam as he was getting stressed out at school. After three weeks of trying it at Aham, he decided that homeschooling is the best option for him.

Gautam has become more confident, independent, and relaxed than he was at school. He feels that the flexibility which homeschooling offers allows him to better utilize his time and be more productive. Thanks to all the wonderful teachers and administrators at Aham for making a difference to Gautam's education."

Aham leverages expertise of tutors, engaged learners, vetted content, Aham's processes and Aham's technology solutions, we intend to create personalized learning experiences for the 21st century learners. Homeschooling is gaining popularity in India as more parents are learning about the diverse interest, skills & learning abilities of their children. Aham provides an excellent environment of homeschooling as per student's requirement. They can choose options - What, Where, When, How and Why - to find the perfect match for their learning needs of the hour.

At Aham Learning Hub students get experienced, qualified subject-experts on-demand; sometimes for learning a specific concept, topic or for an entire subject, whatever the need is. With 1000s of organized topics to choose from, flexibility of time and location to pick from,  "Aham Learning Hub supports students in every possible way".

It is mandatory that students not only understand their syllabi to secure good grades but get quality teaching time. Students cannot pursue interesting and alternative subjects like Robotics, programming, etc. due to hectic syllabus schedule. However, Aham Learning Hub is in every step of the way - be it is homeschooling, additional help with school or learning new & interesting subjects. It also provides career counselling for college programs so that the students can choose the best for them.

Aham is continuously creating value to their students' academics & life. With academic centres in Gachibowli, Banjara Hills, Kukatpally and an upcoming branch at Nallagandla, Aham is all about alternative learning.

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