5 reasons you shouldn't ignore TPL & Fitch's 'Warning Signals'

5 reasons you shouldn't ignore TPL & Fitch's 'Warning Signals'
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Warren Buffett once said, "Risk comes from not knowing what you`re doing." Any financial risk refers to the chances of loss due to a borrower's failure to make payments.

Today the Indian banking sector is facing a lot of challenges in terms of Corporate Credit, so it is imperative that credit professionals should pay heed warnings well in advance, become well informed and educated.

 The need for education and staying updated

 Right from improving your business with regard to credit risk models or understanding it better, as a Corporate Credit Professional there are multifarious reasons you must keep yourself updated.

Corporate Credit has become so important in our banking scenario that in fact just last year RBI directed Senior Bank Executives to obtain certification in areas such as Treasury, Credit Appraisal and Risk. As per Fitch Learning CEO, Andreas Karaiskos, "Training holds the key to much of the challenges faced by the banking sector."

 Here are five convincing reasons you must attend 'Warning Signals in Corporate Credit', a 2-day workshop being conducted in Mumbai on 8th & 9th March, 2018, by Times Professional Learning, in association with Fitch Learning.

 Expert Faculty -  

The programme also boasts of a faculty who are cutting-edge, working industry professionals with numerous years of experience. They will be delivering the programme using real life case studies and examples. This will also enable the participants to thoroughly learn how to understand the subject matter and put topics into context.

 Special Course Curriculum -

Participants who enroll for this workshop will be able to grasp important concepts and recognize early warning signals and macro-economic indicators. By following a structured approach to evaluate risk, they will be able to study real world cases on distress and explore the actions taken by lenders to mitigate problems. They will also be able to focus on common events that could bring about distress- such as cash shortfalls, liquidity problems and covenant breaches and how to take action in each event.

Some of the modules include Analytical Overview wherein you can recognize systems and structured approach to gauge credit deterioration. Another module helps to identify themes of distress and exploring them through real life cases, macro-economic and sector indicators, triggers for action etc.

 Updated Content -

The benefit of attending this programme is that participants will be able to access updated content. They will be able to work with current and region-specific case studies from real companies. This will greatly enhance application based learning in practical challenging situations.

 Designed for Senior Financial Decision Makers

This workshop is specially conceptualized for working professionals who need to understand and educate themselves about warnings and the appropriate action to be taken in time. So professionals such as Fixed Income Practitioners, Credit & Risk Professionals, Corporate Bankers, Analysts, etc. will immensely benefit from this programme.

 Interactive Learning Model

This mode of learning lets you practice what you learn before applying it at your workplace, in real life situations. The faculty makes this programme highly interactive at the state-of-the-art learning centre in Mumbai. This interactive and discursive style instils confidence in the participant's decision making abilities as well.

 It is important for credit risk professionals to comply with stringent regulatory requirements as well as safeguarding the interests of lending institutions. This can happen only through better understanding and education of credit risk concepts and being aware of the early warning signals and macro-economic indicators.

For more information visit : https://timestsw.com/course/fitch-public-program/ or call 9833272170. 

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