The Economic Times Women's Forum - The Power of Half a Billion

The Economic Times Women's Forum - The Power of Half a Billion
The Economic Times Women's Forum

The Economic Times, India's largest business daily, is proud to unveil the country's biggest platform for a constructive dialogue on the state of women in India.   Partnered by Facebook, The Economic Times Women's Forum will see over 50 international and Indian speakers come together for a day to deliberate on more than 12 areas of focus. These range from gender diversity in boardrooms to parliaments; enhancing women's participation in the workforce to breaking the proverbial glass ceiling; to women in sports, start-ups, civic society and performing arts.   The single-minded objective: how can we unleash the power of half a billion women in this country?  

The Forum will be held in Mumbai on Friday, 16 March 2018. And like our speakers, the audience will be carefully curated by the newspaper's editorial staff. Invites will open shortly while the communication kicks off today with the Half-a-Billion Debates.

The Debates seek to involve wider, societal participation on issues that concern us all. Here's a sample. How did women's participation in the Indian workforce drop to 27% from 35% a decade ago? Why has India slipped 20 places in the World Economic Forum Gender Gap Index to 108 (out of 144 countries)? Why are only eight of the BSE 500 companies led by women? Why is the representation of women students in the top 6 IIMs barely a quarter? Why are women still not given a permanent-commission in the Indian Army (outside of legal and education streams)?

Join us as we bring together the finest doers and the craziest dreamers on a single and diverse platform at The Economic Times Women's Forum. Featuring keynote conversations, panel discussions, one-on-one interviews, interstitial spotlights and entertainment, The Economic Times Women's Forum is not a talk shop but a fast-paced multimedia pageant. A platform for dialogue, learning, networking and empowering women to write the next chapter of India's growth story. 

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