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Gone are the days of grey-walled rooms with aisles of computers and employees minding their own business. Millennials today account for 50% of the workforce and demand vibrant and cool workspaces that motivate them and build positive and productive work environments. Along with a workplace that energizes and motivates, people prefer a culture that promotes flexibility, collaboration, and teamwork. These aren't just whims and fancies, but demands backed by scientific research. A research presented at the 13th International Conference on Business Management on workplace wellbeing states that companies offering the right work environment have a positive impact on employee's mental and physical well-being.

Crimson Interactive, a Mumbai-based Language Solution Provider (LSP) with offices in Japan, China, USA, and Korea, is one such company that is breaking all rules to make its office space as comfortable and lively as it can for its employees while focusing on growth and success for everyone.

Here's how Crimson sparks creativity in their workplace with a vibrant office setup:

1. Refreshing and Soothing Theme: 

Crimson's CEO envisioned a place that ignites and spurs creativity while excluding fun and relaxation. And what's more relaxing than Mother Nature herself? When you enter the Crimson office, you'll be greeted by a wall verdant with plants cascading down the ceiling in the lounge area. 

As you move through the office space, you'll find plants everywhere; on desks, walls, hanging from the ceiling and in some corners. Green falls in the middle of the color spectrum making it the most calming color that relaxes the eye and body muscles. That's why you will see hues of green wherever you look. 

2. Collaboration zone 
Crimson believes in teamwork and collaboration and has designed its office to allow for free flow of information and collaborative work. One such space is Crimson Zone or the C-Zone, where employees host small meetings that need a burst of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. The company encourages people to consider this their reading corner or just a place to catch up with teammates and network. To make the place interesting, the team has decorated it with modern abstract seating, high tables and a ceiling full of hanging plants and warm lamps.

We even saw some young employees sipping their coffee and tuning out to some music in this space - a great way to relax.  

The company has high-tech video conference rooms where more serious meetings and conferences with clients and partners take place. Each room has comfortable seating and is covered by clear glass panes to stimulate an inclusive and open culture.

3. Access to Natural Light
Exposure to natural light amplifies productivity and enhances a person's mood. Crimson's new office space has huge glass windows that light up the entire floor leaving no need for artificial lighting during the day. Warm, milky lamps for evenings helps prevent headaches and eye strain.

4. Color Therapy
The colors used in an office can have psychological effects on an employee's mood and productivity. Green and blue are said to have relaxing and calming effects, whereas yellow and orange bring an energetic and cheerful feeling. At Crimson, they've followed a light tone of grey which signifies wisdom and intelligence and added pop colors to space in the form of art, furniture, décor and lots of plants.

5. Recreational space
Employees at Crimson are happy folks. A study in the journal Cognition demonstrates that even brief diversions from a task can dramatically improve one's ability to focus on that task for prolonged periods. Throughout the Crimson office, you'll see that the company has taken measures to promote breaks and relaxation between work tasks. When not working, employees can take some time off and practice their hobbies. You will find musical instruments for the music lovers to play whenever they feel the need to tune out of work or are looking for some inspiration. Employees take time out of work to relax and re-energize themselves by reading books, sketching, and playing board games in the company's read room. For the fitness enthusiasts in office, Crimson has a dedicated space and equipment where employees can work on their physical and mental wellbeing.

6. Motivating Displays
The Crimson brand stands strong on its six foundational values-Commitment, Kaizen, Integrity, Wow, Respect and Simplicity. These values are poised at six pillars in the office and also imbibed in every employee's behavior at work. The team at Crimson believes that following these values has helped them achieve the toughest of goals and is the reason for Crimson's success over two decades. Displaying these values throughout the office makes them feel proud of their qualities and motivates them to achieve more.

7. Zero to Infinity
Crimson also displays art in the office that inspires the team to go out of their comfort zone and achieve what they feel is impossible. One such piece of art is the 0-to-∞ wall displayed in the design bay. If you look at the wall from the right side of the room, you'll notice a big red dot that signifies an end to all possibilities. But as you walk across the room to the left, the red dot turns into an∞ sign signifying endless routes and opportunities to grow. Through this display, the team at Crimson wanted to instill in its employees a go-getter spirit that will help them both in their personal and professional lives.

Other displays in the office include dispersed geometric designs, glass frames of the company culture and a fingerprint painting of the slogan "I Am Crimson".

Crimson is a language service provider that specializes in editing, translating and transcribing for the academic and scientific research industry. In their office, you'll bump into experts from various fields of science like surgeons, engineers, physicists and PhDs in chemistry and biology. These experts came together and applied various ideas from their fields to make the office space aesthetic, ergonomic, lively and fun to work.
What kind of office culture and setup do you prefer? Are you one the who prefers a collaborative work culture or likes to work alone? Let us know in the comments below.

Crimson Interactive is a leading language solutions provider, offering (English) language editing, translation, and transcription services to the global academic research milieu. We employ a unique amalgam of pure skill and trailblazing innovation to always provide the best support to academic researchers worldwide. Our objective is to help groundbreaking research get published in the most impactful journals, for the world to read the how-when-what-where-why of ideas that can change the world.

Brands of Crimson Interactive -  EnagoUlatus, Voxtab and Crimson AI 

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