Phoenix Marketcity Ushers in Festivities Regally

Being the ultimate destination for purchasing, and dining and a sought-after hangout spot for many in the metropolis, Phoenix Marketcity Chennai leaves no stone unturned to impress and amaze its patrons of all ages. Festive seasons across the year have witnessed mind-boggling efforts put in by this premium retail establishment to always make it big and special for its visitors. And this year, they have gone all out to welcome Christmas in style! Housing the best of brands from across the world to having irresistible offers - flat 50% discount and collections, this shopping paradise that is also a foodie's delight, is unbeatable!

Engulfed in an absolute celebratory mood, and emitting vibrant hues, the ambience in and around the Phoenix Marketcity is no less than what's seen and sensed at Santa Claus Village in Finland! The 15 feet tall Santa Claus that plays a joyous host at the entrance does not fail to excite adults and children equally. Christmas is incomplete without a choir, and with its stellar performance, the Shillong Chamber Choir nailed it in uplifting the place's mood completely! The magnificent Christmas tree at the central atrium that houses the surreal, 35 feet tall Santa's Toy Factory leaves patrons spellbound. And needless to say, the Christmas Bazaar sets a shopper's mood right as they browse through several accessories and more, just as the thousands of beautiful strip and LED lights, the reindeer, the drums and trumpets, the Christmas parade, the Elves who distribute goodies and the Santa Claus, who walks around cracking up people, making it impossible to let anyone leave the place, but in glee!

A special mention about the jaw-dropping setup of the 35 feet tall Santa's Toy Factory is a must! Adorned with attractive toys, this Christmas tree-like structure has two conveyor belts on either side, positioned like escalators, exhibiting cute soft toys making their rounds, having everyone go aww! Meticulously planned and erected, this marvel works like a magnet, attracting people who consider the space to be an irresistible photo op! Most of the schools are shut for Christmas and for parents with children between the age group 6 and 12 years, here's a golden opportunity to engage your child in a fun activity. What's better than having tiny tots be a part of the celebrations than just a spectator.

With the mall culture gripping the city tighter by the year, ushering in festivities elegantly is not only a challenge but also enthralling! And at Phoenix Marketcity, with each year, fun and festivity scenes are only getting bigger, brighter and better, giving its patrons not only a visual treat but a complete experience! 

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